Than Just

Eco-friendly Batteries

Wisconsin Battery Company (WinBat) is a new, forward-thinking venture focused on revolutionizing the energy storage industry through innovative battery technology. We conduct  research, development and manufacturing,  focused on clean, renewable energy storage alternatives.

Making Batteries


Mindful of growing concerns about harmful constituents in battery materials, manufacturing and disposal, we have set a goal of being an industry leader in incorporating sustainable materials and practices in our products and processes.

As a benefit corporation, we include positive impact on employees, the community, society at large and the environment in addition to profit as our legally defined goals. 

To that end, we are working with research partners to develop rechargeable zinc-air and hemp-derived carbon batteries. 

From the Ground Up

Construction has begun on WinBat’s new manufacturing plant in the Portage Industrial Park. 

Grading commenced in July on the 18-acre plot, which will also house  a battery recycling facility.

The plant will be powered by solar to the extent possible, and include a full-service cafeteria and daycare center for employees.